How to choose the right rental car for a Scotland tour?

Published on : 15 June 20214 min reading time

The rental sites and comparators are in the tens as well as the rental options … We can quickly get lost in these meanders and ultimately do not know which car rental, which car and what options to choose … Here is a short guide to book your car in peace and go on the roads in complete freedom!

Choose your car category for a road trip in Scotland

Well yes we do not travel the same way if we are two or with children! For more savings, we must adapt the car to the size of the family!

For couples: the small car is very practical. It is economical, in price and in essence, and practical to circulate in town or even to park in the tourist places! Being a childless couple, we have always favored small cars without any worries on arrival whether on the Cretan roads, on the slopes of Madeira or on the long, very long, Finnish roads! For families: yes for the small car provided you do not have too much luggage. Otherwise, the size above can be essential with the stroller, the kilo of diapers and the famous elephant blanket! 4 × 4: it’s the fashionable car right now. Before going to Crete or Madeira, I had read that this type of car was essential in view of the state of the roads. Yes, but if we look closely at the rental contracts, most of the renters do not insure the sills even for 4 × 4! We took a small car in Crete, and that was enough even to pass the potholes. In conclusion, 4 × 4 or not, the sills are not insured so much to take a small car is insured in the same way but not for the same price …

Study the rental franchises in Scotland

As a rule, the deductibles range from 500 to 900 €. When picking up the vehicle, the renters ask for a credit card imprint to cover the amount of the deductible. Do not worry; the amount is debited only in case of a problem. On the other hand, read the contract well before booking so as not to be surprised when you hand over the keys! The amount of deductibles varies from one country to another, there is really no generality! For example, in Uruguay, the franchise system is not mandatory, it must then pay the damage up to the amount of the vehicle! In this case, you have to seriously think about taking a franchise! In Finland, the franchise was 4000 € with the possibility to pay 6 € / day to reduce it to 900 €. Don’t forget to check P2P car rental options like the ones offered by to benefit from cheaper and more accessible private cars. and I repeat myself but it is a good read the conditions of the contract before booking your vehicle to avoid surprises, just not to spoil the beginning of the holidays…

Select your desired options

Think carefully about choosing the options you need. The baby seat: in view of prices, it is sometimes more profitable to buy one on the spot rather than take the option. As for the GPS, rates can easily climb up to 10 € / day see more! Three options are available to you: take your own, buy one on the spot (base rate 100 €) or use your smartphone as GPS, offline, thanks to an application such as “Here WeGo”. Just think of loading the map of the country before leaving or via a WiFi network. When it comes to the second driver: it can vary between 5 and 10 € / day…

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