On the Higlander route: discover the true Scotland!

Published on : 15 June 20214 min reading time

To know a country, it is best to explore its very heart. And the Highlands are without a doubt that of Scotland (“highlands”). This land of strong character, forged in meteorological conditions that can become extreme, has created its own essence and make its space an endearing place, full of passion, but also mysterious. First and foremost, we recommend that you rent a car at drivy.co.uk for example to be able to enjoy your Scottish tour freely…

Day 1: Departure City – Edinburgh

It’s usually a departure by plane from your hometown to Edinburgh where you will pick up your rental car. The journey from the airport to the city center takes half an hour, but this time will help you practice driving on the left, while other passengers enjoy the scenery. You have the rest of the day to visit the city and practice English in the area with such a special accent.

Day 2: Edinburgh – Perth – Dunkeld – Pitlochry – Edradour – Aviemore

We drive from Edinburgh to the Highlands of Scotland, the Highlands. Our first stop is in Perth whose gateway is located on the banks of the Tay River. You will get there after driving a little over an hour. You will discover the place where the kings of Scotland were crowned until the 13th century: the Abbey of Scone. Take a close look at the schedule for the next stop, because you cannot miss the famous horse races that take place in the Scone Palace. Our next visit, also on the banks of the river, will be in the picturesque village of Dunklend. You can stroll through the center, but we recommend you not to miss Loch de Lowes and the different native bird species that live there.

Day 3: Aviemore – Inverness – Thurso

Leaving Aviemore is good news only if you do it to dive deeper into the north of the country. And that’s what you will do today. The trip to Inverness, the capital of the Highlands, will not take you more than an hour, but if you are fond of photography, take advantage of the path to take unique shots. You will be very close to Loch Ness, but do not give in to temptation and leave it for another day. We advise you to take advantage of the means of transport at your disposal to visit at your own pace some of the neighboring villages. Back in Inverness, treat yourself to a stroll along the Ness River and remember that you have a Viking world to discover.

Day 4: Thurso – Orkney Islands – Thurso

The Orkney ferry (transport not included in the price) takes from 1 to 6 hours, depending on the shipping company chosen. For this reason, we recommend that you search quietly for the quickest options, either at the Tourist Office or directly with the shipping companies providing the journey. The ferry drops anchor in Gills Harbor, half an hour from Thurso, and docked in St Margaret’s Hope Bay. From here you can explore the islands by car, as its main attractions are connected by road. This independence will open the door to a wildlife paradise, deforested green hills, turquoise beaches and a world of colors and sounds that you will only experience in this part of the world. It is a place that is also distinguished by its rich history.

Day 5: Thurso – Tongue – Lairg – Loch Ness – Fort Augustus – Fort William

The time has come to leave the northernmost part of Scotland to descend to Tongue, although throughout the day you will still be in the north of the country. Much of the journey runs along the coast, so you can take your camera anywhere to point and shoot. En route, you will pass by Coldbackie. Stop the clock and allow a few minutes to enjoy a unique landscape. Another attraction of Tongue is its imposing mountain: Ben Loyal. You will not miss it because it is on the way to your next stop: Lairg. It is the gateway to the last great wilderness of Europe.

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