A holiday by a UK beach, yes it’s a great idea!

Published on : 15 June 20213 min reading time

Scotland, England and Wales together have more than 15,000 kilometers of coastline. Their coastline has many beautiful beaches, impressive chalk cliffs, pleasant seaside resorts and little known pearls. Visit Britain has selected the ten most beautiful beaches in the United Kingdom. Here they are for you!


Bournemouth is a very popular seaside resort in southern England. It owes a lot to its sandy beach ten kilometers long. Bournemouth is also a student city and a place famous for foreigners who come to study English. The nightlife is hectic and in the summer, there is always something to see or do. The Bournemouth Eye is a hot air balloon from which we have a great view of the city. The latter also owns the Oceanarium, a kind of British version of Sea Life Center Blankenberge.

West Wittering

We are still on the south coast, specifically at West Wittering. This small village, close to Portsmouth, is an oasis of tranquility, well known for its white sand beaches, superior water quality and beautiful dunes. The walk to East Head, a sandy loam with a special flora and fauna, is very popular.

Abereiddi Blue Lagoon

Abereiddi Blue Lagoon is not really a beach like the others. This is an old quarry at the edge of the sea. Here, the azure color of the sea attracts lovers of calm, as do lovers of dangerous sports. They are called ‘coasteerers’. These are the men and women who perform daredevil tricks at the Blue Lagoon. Jumping rocks is one of their favorite pursuits.

The Saint Michel Mount

Holy Island thinks a little about Mont Saint-Michel: it is separated from the continent twice a day by the ebb and flow. The main sights are the castle and the fauna: you can see gray seals and rare birds. If you fly there, you will probably land in Edinburgh. Do not miss this opportunity to visit also the capital of Scotland, with its impressive castle, the Edinburgh Castle.

Great Bay

In front of the Cornish coast are the Isles of Scully, an oasis of calm where even a small tropical atmosphere reigns. The best beach is Great Bay. It can only be reached on foot, which preserves hordes of tourists. A walk to the beach is definitely worth it. The white sand beach and blue sea, with its colorful fish, make the place a paradise for city dwellers in search of a breath of fresh air.

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