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Hayling Island

Houses on the shore of Hayling Island are located not far from London, so you can join it by taking a trip with your rental car and then a short boat trip. Arrived at destination, you will feel the spray, and enjoy the mild climate that reigns on the island. Stay a full day on site to discover all the jewels of the island. A dinner in one of the restaurants of the island is an experience to do also, to taste the wonderful dishes like those of the restaurant “Food Fiend Experience” for example.

New Forest National Park

Path in the New Forest National Park Established in the South of England on the map, the New Forest National Park is one of the “nature” destinations with the most breathtaking landscape in the region. If you have planned to seize a cheap car in London, go quietly in the park by traveling a distance of 130 km. The English countryside is open to you and you will have the opportunity to find many exciting activities. You will be able to walk in the forest, but also ride horses, bike and even practice golf. The fauna and flora of the park are protected, so be discreet if you observe animals.

Oxford City

Oxford City is Located in Oxfordshire County, less than 100 kilometers from London, the city of Oxford has some wonders. By getting there by rental car at low prices, you will find one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. The town is also worth visiting for its religious buildings, namely: Christ Church Cathedral and the Church of St Mary the Virgin. The Ashmolean Museum offers, for example, watercolors by Turner, but also drawings by Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo in a magnificent building built in 1845. In a completely different style, you will enjoy visiting the museum of natural history of Oxford University to learn more about wildlife.
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