England, a country of unique heritage and cultural aura!

Published on : 15 June 20213 min reading time

Bordered by Wales to the west and Scotland to the north, England is a constituent nation of the United Kingdom. As an indication, England is the largest nation in the United Kingdom with an area of 131,760 km² and the most populated with more than 50 million inhabitants. Its coastline is surrounded by the English Channel to the south, the Celtic Sea to the southwest and the Irish Sea to the northwest. London is not only the capital of England, but also the first urban area of the United Kingdom.

York, the city with a hundred faces

York is the fortified city of the north of England where you can find both very old monuments with beautiful architecture and a festival dedicated to gastronomy and wine. In addition, it is only 34 km from Leeds, which has an international airport. Or 2 hours from London by train from King’s Cross station. It is therefore very easy to get there from France for a weekend or a week. Do not miss The Shambles, a street more than a thousand years old, which gives you the impression of being immersed in the Harry Potter saga as it has a special charm with its half-timbered houses.

Oxford…or Cambridge

This is a debate that always makes me think of the famous question: “Is Nantes part of Brittany? This is the kind of interrogation that divides … and when it comes to choosing between Oxford and Cambridge, you will have votes in both camps! These two cities are rather easy to reach from London: Oxford is only an hour’s train ride from Paddington Station in London and can be visited on foot; Cambridge can also be visited without a car and is 50 minutes from King’s Cross Station in London.


To dive into a film scene full of authenticity, head for Lacock, a small village east of Bath. Its oldest monuments are almost 1000 years old and for a long time, Lacock lived from the textile industry. When it disappeared 200 years ago, the village became as fixed as it was at the time which gives it today a charm!

Exmoor National Park

England is literally a paradise for parks, perhaps thanks to a little help from the rainy climate that grows vegetation;) Many are worth a visit and Exmoor is one of them. This 692-square-kilometer park is located in south-west England and if you enjoy hiking in the wilderness, you’ll be served! There are waterfalls, steep cliffs, caves, hundreds of kilometers of rivers and streams … and vegetation that takes on beautiful colors over the seasons.

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