How to rent a car in Scotland

Car rental between individuals is on the rise in Scotland. And for good reason, this new way of renting can be advantageous as well for the owners who propose their rented cars as for the tenants in search of a good plan to make savings.

Why go for a P2P rental?

Car rental between individuals in Scotland continues to gain space in consumer habits. This new type of car rental is based on a tripartite relationship: a platform like Ouicar, Deways or Drivy, a particular owner of a vehicle and another who will be the tenant of the car. The advantages of offering a car for rent between private individuals are numerous. Depending on the model, the mileage and the age of your vehicle, you can earn between 200 to 250 euros per week by renting your car on the island. It’s really interesting if you rarely use your vehicle (weekend for fun or once a week for shopping). It should also be noted that the demand for private car rental in Scotland rises during holiday periods. This is a good reason that pushes the majority of owners to entrust their car to a digital operator such as Drivy in order to reduce their holiday budget. Thus, when you return, you receive money from your rental car.

A tour through Scotland

Scotland is full of extraordinary spots and many itineraries are possible to discover some of them. Here are 10 essential steps to note on your log book: Dunnotar Castle, Elgin, Loch Ness, Eilean Donan Castle, Skye Island, Glencoe, Loch Lomond, Glasgow, Stirling and finally Edinburgh.

Practical information for safe driving in Scotland

Driving on the left can be disturbing at first. Redouble your attention, especially by committing yourself to a roundabout (to reverse). The telephone network in Scotland is catastrophic, especially on Skye Island and the Highlands. So take your precautions by planning your route well. The roads around the big cities are generally more used during peak hours in the morning and evening. Plan your route well to avoid these niches. Some country roads have only one lane. Adapt your speed in circumstance. On motorways and highways, the speed is limited to 70 mph (112 km / h). In urban areas, the speed limit is 30 mph (48 km / h) and, outside cities, 60 mph (96 km / h). To conclude, if the private car rental in Scotland allows you to make some savings, do not neglect the quality control at the risk of regretting your choice. However, renting from a professional agency is the best solution in because it is fast, flexible and secure.
Why is a car rental the best idea to discover Scotland?
Peer to peer car rentals: a great way of moving around Scotland

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