Peer to peer car rentals: a great way of moving around Scotland

Published on : 28 March 20233 min reading time

You can imagine if you are on this site: private car rental offers a lot of advantages. But must we neglect the classic car rental? Not necessarily. If you are looking for elements to compare classic car rental and between individuals, here are some elements of answer.

Main advantages of P2P car rental

First advantage that you have to rent your car to an individual on Drivy, you have a good chance of paying your rental much cheaper than through a classic renter. On average you will realize 30 to 40% savings by renting on Drivy compared to a conventional rental, for an equivalent rental. And this cheaper price will not blaze when demand is high (summer, during holidays, in September for utilitiy vans, etc.). Overall prices are stable throughout the year, which is not the case in traditional rental companies. We recommend that you check for private car rental price references in London. Another advantage to rent a private car in comparison with a conventional agency: you do not have to travel far from home. One of the strengths of the model is to offer vehicles for rent on all streets, instead of grouping them in a limited number of agencies. It is therefore your rental car that will come to you, especially since some owners are ready to move to deliver the vehicle to a place that suits you. An added bonus if you rent to an individual: you can agree with him to pick up and bring back the car at a time that suits you both. No stress in asking if you will arrive in time to return the vehicle before the agency closes! And last advantage that can be important: you rent a car of a well-defined model, and not that of a range (city car, sedan, etc.). What you see when you make your choice is what you will drive. Compared to conventional rental car rental between individuals has undeniable advantages. But some points can be nonetheless blocking for you.

Things that may bother you

One aspect of private renting that may be problematic is that you have to wait for the owner’s response when you ask to book a vehicle. Many homeowners respond within hours, or even within minutes, and we indicate their average response time to allow you to make your choice if you need a quick response. But by comparison the traditional car rental allows you to have an answer in the immediate future.

Another element to take into account is the possibility of refusal of the owners. They make their vehicle available, so they may need it or not be available to give it to you when you want to rent it.

Classic car rental

The major disadvantage of a conventional rental when compared to a particular vehicle rental is that you will pay much more. Especially since this price will fly if you want to rent at the last minute, or if you need a car at a time when demand is important. Another disadvantage already discussed, you will have to move to an agency to pick up and bring back your car. And depending on the range of vehicles you need, it will not necessarily be the nearest agency in your area. You will also have to go at the scheduled time, under penalty of paying penalties, where you can notify the owner if you are a quarter of an hour late when you rent between individuals.

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