What is carsharing and how does it work?

Carsharing is a phenomenon that attracts more and more people. But do you know what is it exactly? In this article we tell you everything you need to know! Carsharing is growing more and more. Why is that? As carpooling, this system has many advantages that attract owners of vehicles and people looking for a means of transport. There are now many applications and platforms like www.drivy.co.uk that are specialized in private car hire and peer to peer car rental. In the following article, you will find some explanations that will help you better understand the various functions of this concept.

What is carsharing?

Simply, it is a process that allows a provider, whether a company or even a person, to make available to other people one or more vehicles for a sum of money (commission or subscription) that is being generally agreed upon in advance. This solution allows owners of cars with little power to make their investment profitable for them and for people who cannot move easily.

The different types of carsharing

The carsharing market is disputed by private companies as well as public bodies:
  • In the first case, these are platforms on which it is possible to choose a vehicle for the duration that we want. Depending on the site chosen, either they link the supply and demand, or they themselves own the vehicles. These companies also deal with bureaucratic aspects such as insurance management, billing, etc.
  • In the second case, these are communities that provide cars to the inhabitants of the city.

Different types of carsharing

There is not only one type of carsharing. Depending on the platform used, it will be possible to find different uses of carsharing. Here are the main types:
  • The classic carsharing called “loop” which consists of taking the car to a station and leaving it at the same place after use.
  • “One-way” carsharing, whose formula is to recover the vehicle at one point and leave it in any other station, this is one of the least restrictive because it is not necessary to return to the starting point.
  • “Free-Floating” carsharing, which allows users to book a vehicle in a limited area (agglomeration). However, these automobiles are not present at fixed stations, which mean that their locations and parking spaces vary according to uses.
  • Private carsharing that is similar to classic carsharing. A connection is made by the platform, the two parties agree and the keys are handed over.

What are the benefits of carsharing?

Considered by many as a solution for the future, this concept has many positive points both ecologically and economically and it is especially practical. It is important to note also that;
  • Vehicles are available at any time,
  • Fewer cars in circulation, means so less road traffic and polluting emissions and more parking available,
  • Savings for the user because no maintenance or insurance to pay,
  • There are different methods of payment (subscription, per kilometer, schedule, etc.)
  • There are dedicated parking spaces depending on the platform chosen, etc.

Can we consider carsharing to go on vacation?

It is not only possible to consider carsharing to go on vacation; it is also possible to consider it to make profitable holidays. Indeed, two points of view must be taken into account:
  • In the case of the renter, from the moment he agrees with the owner of the vehicle, carsharing can prove to be a good solution to save money. However, it is better compare it with other offers like renting, for example.
  • In the case of the owner with several vehicles; why not renting them during a trip? This would help you earn money, rather than leaving them in the garage.
In other words, carsharing is not only a fashion; it is a trend that has a bright future ahead.
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