Why are private car rentals becoming the norm?

Do you need a passenger car for a business trip, a 4×4 for a getaway, a van for your move, or one for an adventure? Private car rental agencies and websites have thousands of vehicles to offer! Remember that you can send requests to more than one car at a time. It must be said that Drivy UK is one of the best websites to rent a private car…Register in seconds to request the vehicle you want.

P2P car rental: the benefits

First advantage that you have to rent your car to an individual online, you have a good chance of paying your rental much cheaper than through a classic renter. On average you will make 30 to 40% savings by doing it this way compared to a conventional rental, for an equivalent car. And this cheaper price will not blaze when demand is high (summer, during holidays, in September for utilities, etc.). Overall our prices are stable throughout the year, which is not the case in traditional rental companies. Another advantage to rent a private car in comparison with a conventional agency: you do not have to travel far from home. One of the strengths of the model is to offer vehicles for rent on all streets, instead of grouping them in a limited number of agencies. It is therefore your rental car that will come to you, especially since some owners are ready to move to deliver the vehicle to a place that suits you.

Practical differences

Free registration

You only pay when you rent a car. There is no registration fee.

Saving smartly

Save the cost of owning a vehicle and rent one at a lower rate than the market. You have exceptional cars from 20 € / day.

Close to you

Rent from anywhere and in any city. Rental networks are constantly growing…

Insurance for each rental

All vehicles are covered by insurance specifically designed for private renting.

24/7 support

You have roadside assistance and personalized support for any emergency.

Rent whenever you want

Rent by the hour, by the day, by the week or by the month…

Protect the environment

Opt for intelligent and sustainable mobility. Help reduce CO2 emissions by using a car that is already out circulating.

The issue with classic car rental

The major disadvantage of a conventional rental when compared to a particular vehicle rental is that you will pay much more. Especially since this price will fly if you want to rent at the last minute, or if you need a car at a time when demand is important. Another disadvantage already discussed, you will have to move to an agency to pick up and bring back your car. And depending on the range of vehicles you need, it will not necessarily be the nearest agency in your area. You will also have to go at the scheduled time, under penalty of paying penalties, where you can notify the owner if you are a quarter of an hour late when you rent between individuals. It may even be that the counter is already closed when you arrive to return your vehicle. In this case you will have the choice between keeping the vehicle overnight (and therefore allow time to bring it back, all of course having paid extra costs) and leave it without making a return inventory, and risking extra costs that you will have all the trouble in the world to challenge.
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